Shopping Cart

While shopping on our website you can utilize your Shopping Cart to save items you are interested in until you are ready to purchase them, just as you would a shopping cart in any retail store. All items in your Shopping Cart will be stored there until they are purchased or removed.

To access to your Shopping Cart, simply click on “Shopping Cart” on top of any page.

Here are some of the things you can do with the items in your “Shopping Cart”:

  • Change the quantity: If you would like more or less of an item in your Shopping Cart, simply type in the quantity you wish to purchase and click "Update."

  • Remove a product from your Shopping Cart: If you decide you are no longer interested in an item simply click “Remove”, or change the quantity of the item to zero and click “Update” to clear it from your Shopping Cart.

  • Resume shopping: If you realize you have forgotten something, or simply want to keep shopping after you’re done reviewing the contents of your Shopping Cart simply click “Continue Shopping” to return to browsing the website. You have the option of returning to your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking on “Shopping Cart” located in the top right-hand corner of all pages.

  • Checking Out: Once you are done shopping, click on "Checkout" to purchase the items in your Shopping Cart. Our Checkout process is fast, easy, and secure.