L-Citrulline 50 G Lemon-Lime
  • L-Citrulline 50 G Lemon-Lime

L-Citrulline 50 G Lemon-Lime

Actual Name: L-Citrulline
Form: Powder Granules
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250 mg
50 Servings
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DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, take one to two scoops daily. One scoop (1 gram) + 8 oz water = 250mg L-Citrulline


Are you afraid of the physical soreness that occurs days, even weeks after starting that initial workout regimen? Many of you who have made a personal resolution and commitment to getting fit and staying healthy again, or simply wish to be more physically active will appreciate the recovery support of Citruaid™.

Citruaid™ helps ease your worries of aching muscles and soreness and get you back in the activity you desire faster and longer. Citruaid™ also helps support your cardiovascular endurance.

From athletes and business road warriors, to ordinary people; the person running a marathon or a busy mom on the go, anyone who works hard and has an active lifestyle will appreciate Citruaid™.

Citruaid™ provides a quick absorbing amino acid that promotes vascular dilation which improves oxygen and blood circulation throughout your body resulting in peak performance and recovery. Citruaid™ assists the body in recovering from the build-up of lactic acid in muscle tissue while at the same time assisting the body in eliminating harmful ammonia.

Citruaid’s™ primary active ingredient is Citrullis™ (L-Citrulline), which is 99%+ pure pharmaceutical-grade endurance recovery functional supplement.

Citruaid™ supports and promotes: *

  • Active Lifestyle performance

  • Longer endurance and quicker muscle recovery

  • Cell and liver detoxification

  • Good health and immune system function

  • Vascular blood flow

  • Nitric oxide production

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve made sure that Citruaid™ is

  • Absolutely steroid-free and caffeine-free

  • Fast solubility dissolution in cold water

  • Mild natural flavor and sweetness containing natural Rebaudioside-A 97%+ and other GRAS sweeteners.

  • No sugar or “caffeine crash?after-effects

  • Quick acting (5 - 30 minutes) formulation

Citruaid™ can be taken before, during, or after your workouts, competitions, and other physical or strenuous activities. Citruaid™ can be dissolved in less than the recommended 8 oz water per scoop (250 mg).

Power-up and support your active lifestyle with Citruaid™.

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By Janet828
Rochester Hills, MI
Aerobic pump with Citruaid!
January 18, 2012
I was curious on the Citruaid samples that you guys had up at the RAC. My friends have been trying it for a week and told me how great they felt after their workout. I am usually out of breath and sore. I started taking the Citruaid (I prefer the lemon lime), it's really great tasting, very light. I don't feel bloated or have a sugar rush/caffeine high. Cituaid doesn't interfere with getting a really good exercise in.
By Jessica
Oceanside, CA
Energizer Jess!
May 16, 2011
I really like the Citruaid Lemon Lime. For the last five years, I would take a pack of GOO gel along with me, and take it midway in my race - but I hated the thick aftertaste. I really like the lite flavoring of Citruaid. Weighing in at 122 lbs, I take 2-3 scoops before my races, and I can feel the endurance and energy for about 4-5 hours. I was so nervous, because I use to get muscle cramps - now with Citruaid - I have not gotten any cramps this season! Can't wait to see how well I will do.
No muscle fatigue or cramps!
By SaraH68
Long Beach, CA
Going the extra mile!
March 24, 2011
I am a full time mom with two kids, one suffering from WD. We are both on your Gluzin. My girlfriend have been on your Citruaid for 7 months, and had recommended that I take it for my "getting back in shape" commitment to myself.

I always get cramps or muscle aches - during and after. But after even my first try of Citruaid, I did not get any cramps, and my muscles didn't feel as fatigued!

After 8 months, with Citruaid (8oz - 250 mg) before and after my workouts, walking, running, and swimming - I have lost 20 lbs. I don't think I would have gotten back to the gym and stayed with this goal, if it was not for Citruaid.
By SheilaT
Livonia, MI
Citruaid...GOLD...for taste and muscle recovery!
May 26, 2010
The benefits of Citruaid go beyond that of any sport drink I have ever tried. When I drink Citruaid before running, swimming, or cycling the ability to breathe better and buffer the burning feeling of lactic acid is considerably noticeable. This is a great advantage in the endurance sports world.