Tri-Trainer Package Citruaid LL
  • Tri-Trainer Package Citruaid LL

Tri-Trainer Package Citruaid LL

Actual Name: Sheila Taormina: Call the Suit
Form: Hardcopy
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1 Book Signed + 50G Citruaid Lemon Lime
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DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, take one to two scoops daily. One scoop (1 gram – 1/3 teaspoon) + 8 oz water = 250mg L-Citrulline

TRI-TRAINER PACKAGE™ Call the Suit: Develop the Freestyle Swim Technique Used by the Fastest Swimmers in the World!

Get a personally autographed copy of “Call the Suit” by Olympic Champion Sheila Taormina and a bottle of 50G Lemon Lime Flavored Citruaid™ L-Citrulline Amino Acid Recovery Drink Mix!

Are you a triathlete or masters swimmer who is stumped as to why your swimming times have not improved at the rate you expected, considering all the time you’ve spent at the pool? Or, perhaps you are an age-group swimmer who has hit a plateau and now swims with less enthusiasm than you once had, or you are wondering what it takes to reach the next level? Maybe you are someone who would like to participate in a triathlon but feels overwhelmed by the swim?

“Call The Suit” is a book on freestyle technique that answers the questions above and provides an understanding of the aspects at play within the beautiful sport of swimming. Written by the smallest swimmer to win Olympic gold since the 1920 Olympics, Sheila describes propulsion, feel, and the critical components of the swim stroke that the fastest swimmers in the world have mastered.

Sheila Taormina 4X Olympian and Smallest Olympic Swimmer!

At just over 5'2" tall, and not having made her first Olympic team until the age of 27, Sheila Taormina seems an unlikely candidate to have competed at four consecutive summer Olympiads in three completely different sports. Her first two attempts to qualify for the Olympics in swimming (1988 and 1992), came up short, during what were considered her "peak" years. Following those years she moved forward with her education, finishing her Masters degree in Business in 1994, and then began her professional career in the automotive industry that same year, working a full-time salaried position in Detroit.

With her eyes set on the possibilities of 1996, she trained before and after work with her small hometown swim team in Livonia, Michigan. There were no corporate endorsements fueling the effort - just a plan, some hard work, and a coach who believed along with her. Sheila learned about technique, efficiency, and the keys to success. Applying those throughout the years, Sheila grew to become Olympic champion in one sport, world champion in a second sport, and the world cup standings leader in a third sport.

This is not the "rise to the top quickly and make millions" story. It is the "get an education, work the best you can with what you have, and never give-up" story. In the end, Sheila Taormina has experienced six completely different disciplines on the Olympic stage - swimming, cycling, running, pistol shooting, fencing, and equestrian show jumping. Her perspective on the Olympics, human potential, and performance is unparalleled.

Get the perfect gift or start on your swimming path with the TRI-TRAINER PACKAGE™.

Citruaid™ helps ease your worries of aching muscles and soreness and get you back in the activity you desire faster and longer. Citruaid™ also helps support your cardiovascular endurance.

From athletes and business road warriors, to ordinary people; the person running a marathon or a busy mom on the go, anyone who works hard and has an active lifestyle will appreciate Citruaid™.

Citruaid™ provides a quick absorbing amino acid that promotes vascular dilation which improves oxygen and blood circulation throughout your body resulting in peak performance and recovery. Citruaid™ assists the body in recovering from the build-up of lactic acid in muscle tissue while at the same time assisting the body in eliminating harmful ammonia.

Citruaid’s™ primary active ingredient is Citrullis™ (L-Citrulline), which is 99%+ pure pharmaceutical-grade endurance recovery functional supplement.

Citruaid™ supports and promotes: *

  • Active Lifestyle performance

  • Longer endurance and quicker muscle recovery

  • Cell and liver detoxification

  • Good health and immune system function

  • Vascular blood flow

  • Nitric oxide production

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve made sure that Citruaid™ is

  • Absolutely steroid-free and caffeine-free

  • Fast solubility dissolution in cold water

  • Mild natural flavor and sweetness containing natural Rebaudioside-A 97%+ and other GRAS sweeteners.

  • No sugar or “caffeine crash?after-effects

  • Quick acting (5 - 30 minutes) formulation

Citruaid™ can be taken before, during, or after your workouts, competitions, and other physical or strenuous activities. Citruaid™ can be dissolved in less than the recommended 8 oz water per scoop (250 mg) – 1/3 teaspoon.

Power-up and support your active lifestyle with Citruaid™.

Look for the V Guarantee of Quality!


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By Nick
Redondo Beach, CA
Citruaid taking out the HAMMER!
May 7, 2011
I have been using Hammer Nutritional products for over 6 years. I am religious on taking my Race Caps Supreme, Gel and Recoverite. I even have the Hammer blending bottle to help mix up the drinks.

A few of my fellow Triathlete is an avid follower of Mens Health, and they were reading up on other people’s positive experiences on Citruaid. They have made the switch from their Hammer products over to Citruaid for more than three months now. I have been the only holdout until one month ago. I ran out of my Hammer products, so one of my buddies suggested that I take some Citruaid for our 20 miles cycling. I was very doubtful.

Even though I consider myself to be rather fit, I still get muscle fatigue and cramps in my rides. I always felt that Hammer improved my endurance but never really addressed muscle cramping.

But to be honest, I never really liked all the capsules and fillers that I was taking with Hammer. The gel also was rather heavy and I didn’t like the after-taste. I am so glad my buddy gave me the first two scoops of Citruaid. I am surprisingly pleased that I can get all the same benefits and MORE out of 2 scoops of Citruaid – compared to all my Hammer products combined!

Now, I just put 2 scoops in my water bottle, the Citruaid dissolve in less than a few shakes and off I go. I take the Citruaid 30 minutes before, and I also have 2 scoops after. Even on the Hammer products, I had some muscle fatigues – but not with Citruaid! I can’t wait to try it out on my swims.

I decided to get the Tri-Trainer package, because not only am I a huge fan of Sheila, I have been looking for a freestyle swimming technique book that can help take me to the next level. The illustration is GREAT in this book!
All the endurance, muscle recovery, and lactic acid removal/NO and ammonium detox benefits in 2 scoops of Citruaid.
By Eric
Atlanta, GA
Great for New Triathlete!
April 19, 2011
My friend had purchase this package last year. He was raving on how much his swimming technique had improved through the summer, that I wanted to get a jump start this spring! I had bought your package a month ago, and been hitting the pool - I can already see some improvements. I like the books detailed description of each arm movements and large illustration.

My friend has also been taking the Citruaid on a daily base, and especially before his workout. I am also doing that as well, and I definitely don't get fatigued as fast! I'll report back in the fall on my performance - but I'll definitely be back each month to purchase more Citruaid.
By Becky
Ann Arbor, MI
Never too late!
April 11, 2011
Sheila - a few of my friends had order your book and purchased the Tri-Trainer package with Citruaid to get back into gear for our triathlons. So I have jumped in with my friends this year – they had improved their time by 10-15 minutes per event and in some cases even more by improving their strokes techniques that you provide and getting more endurance with the Citruaid! I can feel the effects of Citruaid immediately, especially in my swim. We are able to swimming longer, ride harder, and run without hitting the wall!

Just got my new order of Citruaid a few weeks back, and I continue to love the detailed illustrations in your book that I consistently refer back to – it’s like my Bible! I like the Citruaid, its light in flavor, so I drink 8 oz before, during and after. I find that I am less fatigued when I change from one event to the next. Can’t wait for your next edition! You have helped me overcome my hardest leg of the race – the swim!
By Stacy
Orlando, FL
Go Sheila!!
March 28, 2011
SheilaT – I have been following your rise throughout your Olympic career! I had bought a Tri-Trainer package last fall to help improve my swimming.

Love both the book and Citruaid. Don't have a coach looking over my shoulders anymore, but I have been trying out some of the freestyle techniques/pulls! I also take an 8oz with 250 mg Citruaid drink before each swim, and I feel I can swim longer without feeling tight, winded, or have muscle cramps! When will you come out with your next book release!