Zinc 25MG
Zinc 25MG
Zinc 25MG
Zinc 25MG
  • Zinc 25MG
  • Zinc 25MG
  • Zinc 25MG
  • Zinc 25MG

Zinc 25MG

Actual Name: Zinc Gluconate
Form: Capsules
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DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily. There are no restrictions on food, beverages, or activity while taking Gluzin™ unless otherwise directed by your physician. Please consult your physician for proper dosing and monitoring regimens. For maximum absorption, take Gluzin™ on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.


Here at extreme V™ we have only one thing on our minds: providing our customers with the highest quality, purest natural supplements their bodies need to replenish, renew and revitalize.

To that end, we have created a natural supplement that is absolutely essential for maintaining your body's health and well-being*, and will not complicate things with fillers and ingredients that your body does not need or want.

extreme V™ is proud to provide you with Gluzin™, a pharmaceutical grade Zinc Gluconate supplement that is simply pure and uncomplicated.

Gluzin™ contains ONLY Zinc Gluconate, Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate. Gluzin™ does NOT contain any Allergenic Ingredients. Even SMALLER capsule size to make Gluzin™ 25 mg easier to swallow (Capsule Size 3).


Zinc Gluconate balances interactions of essential trace elements in the body and is essential for the support of a healthy immune system. It also helps block the absorption of excess copper in the body and supports the replenishment of normal, healthy zinc levels. In addition, Zinc Gluconate supports healthy cellular metabolism and is required for catalytic activity of approximately 100 enzymes. Finally, Gluzin™ helps support healthy wound healing, protein and DNA synthesis and cell division*.


Take only at recommended doses, Zinc Gluconate is considered to be a "relatively non-toxic" supplement*.

However, doses exceeding recommended intake have shown symptoms of toxicity, including:

  • Nausea, vomiting, epigastric (stomach) pain, lethargy and fatigue;

  • Possible interference with the utilization of copper and iron in the body;

  • Possible adverse effects on HDL cholesterol concentrations*.

Persons who wish to use extreme V™ Gluzin™ are advised to consult their health care professional to determine their individual dosage needs for Zinc Gluconate.

Look for the V Guarantee of Quality!


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By Justin
Ogdensburg, NY
This has helped me by leaps and bounds with my Wilson's disease.
August 22, 2020
I struggled so hard to find a proper zinc that wont upset my stomach, and this one by far has been the easiest. The fact it comes as a capsule is a huge bonus for me because of the higher absorption rate compared to a solid pill. It doesn't give me heart burn, or bother me for hours on end, even if I don't take a little food with it. The person in charge also went out of their way to make sure it got shipped to me when I was struggling with the online order, and even made sure I'd get it on time before my supply ran out.

The service has been out standing each time, arrives on time and I doubt I'll go back to using any other zinc product if the quality keeps as good as it's been.
By Vicki
Best form of zinc to absorb, helps deficiencies
April 29, 2020
After comparing many zinc pills, I chose this one based on quality, availability and price.
By Dave
Tucson, AZ
Going for all Zinc
September 10, 2015
Our daughter was diagnosed with WD for more than eight years. We had her on cleating drugs for most of the time. For the past two years, our doctor had prescribed us to move from the cleating drugs to Galzin, due to the neurological and liver damages that she had started to show. For the first six month, she had a very difficult time, as we were giving her various meds almost every 2-3 hours. The Galzin didn't help, it gave her very bad GI reaction. We were so frustrated, that many times we wanted to give up.

One of our other WD friends had recommended to look into Gluzin. We are so appreciative now looking back. She has been on Gluzin for over a year now, and she is doing great! Little or no GI reactions, and her tests are coming back normal. We are also very hopeful that we can take her completely off of the cleating drug.
By Uta
Minneapolis, MN
Wilson Disease - Alternative to Galzin
November 14, 2014
My son has Wilson Disease and has to take pharmaceutical grade Zinc 3x daily as a maintenance medication to avoid organ damage through copper intake. We found that the copay for prescription Zinc, Galzin, was considerably higher than Gluzin. After consulting his hepatologist, we switched him to Gluzin and all tests since then confirm that it is just as effictive. Plus extremeV offers a discount for WD patients. We couldn't be happier with the product.
- Price - Effectiveness -n/a
By Rolando B.
Louisville, Kentucky
Review for Zinc 25 MG
October 20, 2013
By Melissa
Paxton, IL
November 20, 2012
I had the hardest time getting my young son to take his zinc acetate, which was in a nasty liquid form since he was just 4 when he began taking it, but then I learned about Gluzin on the Wilson's Disease Association's Website, and immediately ordered some with hope he could learn to swallow pills. We had immediate success! He's never complained! It's great stuff!
By megp88
Adams City, CO
Clearing up
September 22, 2011
You would think in my 20s my face would finally clear up! How long does puberty last. I have been trying different topical treatments for years now, even gotten scripts from my docs. But those little red pimples just keep coming back. My friend of mine had been on your Gluzin for since last year and suggested that I tried myself.

Well, I have been on Gluzin for three months now, and I can say that my breakout isn't as long or has harsh as before!
By sandy5166
Manhattan, NY
Back to School BOOST!
September 22, 2011
It's already school season, and my little one has brought back our first cold of the month. I am sure glad that I had stock-up on your Gluzin! We have been using Gluzin to boost our immunity for the last two years!
By SaraH68
Long Beach, CA
50 mg and 25 mg - We use both Gluzin!
March 24, 2011
I had switched from Penicillamine to Galzin the last 10 years, but Galzin gave me horrible GI reactions. I guess you switch from one side-effect to another. The last eight months I had switched over to Gluzin, and it looks like blood/urine test coming back is good. Gluzin also seems to cause less irritation for me.

My teenage daughter had also switched to the 25 mg Gluzin, because she has a hard time swallowing. Since her switch to Gluzin, she is no longer vomiting and complaining about upset stomach. She has also been more compliant on taking her Gluzin! Thanks so much for making a smaller capsules.
By Shirley
Long Island, NY
Switching to a smaller size!
March 24, 2011
My daughter was on penicillamine and then switched over to Galzin for the last 5 years. But she would always complain about taking her meds, due to the fact she had a hard time swallowing the pills and her gastro pains. After reading the posts on Inspire about Gluzin, we had switched her to Gluzin’s 25 mg smaller capsules. She has been on Gluzin for 9 months now is no longer complaining on taking her meds! Thanks extreme V.
By JoyceB
Toronto, Canada
July 25, 2010
Our daughter has a hard time swallowing LARGE zinc horse-pills!

Gluzin 25 mg is great! Much smaller in size. She has been more cooperative in taking her zinc, now that we have found extreme V's product.
By Karen
Madison Heights, MI
Zinc 25mg
October 20, 2009
Just wanted to let you all know how great I think your product is. With the colds running around my family is taking Zinc 25mg to help fight this cold season. So far so go!